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See BELOW for the top (7) reasons why it is a good idea to get scheduled. The best # to contact us is 866-802-5220.

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  1. Healthier LivingInside your carpets are trapped bacteria from shoes, animals, skin cells, and other contaminants. Regularly cleaned carpets will make for a healthier environment for you and your family.
  1. Allergy ControlA professional carpet cleaning can help lessen the effects of allergies this Spring, by removing pollen from the carpet.
  1. Creepy Crawler removalYour carpet may have dust mites, fleas, or other creepy crawlers if your carpet has not been cleaned in a while. Homes with pets have an increased chance of creepy crawlers.
  1. Spot/ Stain Removal A regular carpet cleaning is important to remove dust, pollen, food stains, pet stains, and other contaminants which get into the carpet.
  1. Skin/ Hair RemovalPeople and pets naturally shed skin, hair, or dandruff on your carpets, which contain oils than can ruin your carpet if not regularly cleaned.
  1. Carpet Longevity The better you care for your carpet, the longer it will last. An annual or semi-annual carpet cleaning is well worth the investment.
  1. Home AppearancePoorly maintained carpet can be a big turnoff to home buyers, as it makes the home less appealing and marketable. There is nothing more inviting than a beautiful and clean carpet.