Q: How do you get the stains and spots up better than the rental carpet cleaner that I’ve seen advertised?
A: As you can see in this mini-video above, we generate considerably more steam and heat than those types of machines. We can go over a soiled area several times if need be. If it needs treated with a special solution, we can apply it, then go back over it again with serious steam cleaning power.


Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my carpet steam cleaning before the cleaning technicians arrive?
A: Be sure to vacuum your carpets thoroughly. This will suck up any extra debris and make it easier for the carpets to stay cleaner after the cleaning. Also, remove any small items from your carpet area. Please put all valuables that run the risk of falling or getting broken in a safe place.


Q:  Do I need to move anything before the cleaning technicians arrive?
A:  It is best to move any furniture that covers up carpeted areas that need to be cleaned. Also, Excellent Services will not move any TV’s, Stereos, Computers, other Electronic devices, glass cabinets with valuables, or cabinets with breakables like glasses or dishes. If you can’t move anything because of health-related reasons, please let Excellent Services know before they arrive.


Q:  Why do I need a fresh water source for my carpet & upholstery cleaning?
A:  Unlike some of their competitors, Excellent Services uses fresh water for all of their cleaning jobs. They do not use the same water over and over from customer to customer. Therefore, it is important to show the cleaning technician where your inside the garage faucet, outdoor garden hose connection, or your laundry tub is located. A sink can also be used, but it must have threads to connect to a garden hose. Excellent Services has adapters for some sinks, but some faucets will not be adequate.


Q: What do I need to tell the cleaning technicians when they do a walk-through in my home or commercial building?
A: Be sure to point out any high-traffic areas in the areas that may need special attention. Also point out any spots or stains that need extra attention, and the source of these stains (ex: pets, coffee, cola, tea, rust, paint, grease, oil, gum, etc.) if you know it.


Q: Is it possible that new spots or stains could appear a few days after my carpets have been cleaned?
A: Yes, many spot and stain removal attempts leave some residue in the base of the fibers or the backing of the carpet. This then prompts “wicking”, or the upward movement of the substance to the surface. As the carpet dries, the substance moves up the carpet fiber and then sits on the surface and dries. Most of the time, this is why spots come back. We are willing to come back to try to remove these wicking spots or stains for an additional fee.


Q: What do I need to do after the technicians have finished with the cleaning job?
A: First, and most important, be very careful when walking on the carpet areas that were cleaned. The carpeting will be damp, which will cause your socks or shoes to be slippery, especially when you walk from the carpet area to a ceramic tile or hardwood flooring surface. Also, you need to be extremely careful walking on cleaned stairways. If the cleaning technicians put any furniture on Styrofoam blocks or paper tabs, we recommend that you leave them in place for 48 hours, then remove and put them in the garbage. In general, we recommend that you allow the cleaned areas to dry for 24 hours. Using fans, ceiling fans, heaters, and air conditioners can reduce this time. Anything you can do to get the air circulating is a good idea.


Q: Is there an additional charge for cleaning spots and stains or heavily soiled areas?
A: There can be an additional charge if the technicians have to apply solutions to try to remove the spots &/or stains from the carpet and upholstery. This will always be discussed during the initial walk-through when you point out those areas that might need special attention. Excellent Services will always work diligently to remove everything they can without trying any solutions. They might go over a spot or stain 5-6 times to see if they can remove it. If not, they will bring it to your attention, and let you decide what options you want them to try.